Morning Mobility Routine

This whole routine takes me about 15 minutes.

Warm Up

While you can dive right into the main set, I have found that a brief warm up helps me get deeper into the movements in the main set.

My warm up consists of:

Hip Windshield Wipers - I ease into these by starting with smaller movements and then extend them as I get warm.

90/90 Hip Stretch - I do variations of this and will throw some windshield wipers in between.

Main Mobility Set

I am a huge fan of Kelly Starrett of The Ready State. This is his morning mobility routine. He offers two variations - 1) Focuses on breathwork and 2) Mobility focus.

I do the mobility focused movements since that's what I'm after and he also works in some breathwork during the session - double whammy.

I do encourage doing some breathwork during the day if you can.

Focus Set

I follow up with a set of movements that focus on injury prevention or to work on areas that are bothering me. Currently, I am doing the following:

Throughout this, I focus heavily on my breath and the movement.

I hope you find this helps. Feel free to add in other movements. Play around with it.